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Macular Degeneration Community Support Website Link

Taken from MD Support Website

Macular Degeneration Support is a world-wide non-profit public service organization founded by retired educator Dan Roberts. Its mission since 1995 has been to provide information and support for people who are affected by macular degeneration and similar retinal diseases. Known more simply as MD Support, it is based on the Internet and also offers a public awareness program designed to reach people who are without Internet access. The founder and most of the organization’s volunteers are visually-impaired themselves. Their work is supported and guided by a 15-member advisory board made up of leading professionals in the field.

The organization’s web site receives over 4.5 million hits annually. The site contains in excess of 900 pages, including over 1,600 links to agencies and organizations for the blind, state agencies, vision centers, and dealers in low vision devices, audio books, and large-print reading materials. Also on the site is a low vision bookstore, an informational library with more than 120 articles written for the layperson, a comprehensive glossary of ophthalmologic terms, educational photo essays, and an Internet portal to 25 other MD-related organizations. In addition, MD Support hosts an email discussion group (MDList) and an Internet message board (MD Forum).

Website includes:

Information about Macular Degeneration

Anatomy of the Eye
Diagrams and descriptions of the parts of the eye, with emphasis on the retina.

Bill’s Vitrectomy
A dramatic photo essay of one man’s personal experience with this surgical procedure. Warning: Photos may be disturbing to some people.

Audio/Visual Library
Free informative and motivational presentations on the subjects of macular degeneration and living with low vision. The collection includes photo essays with beautifully-rendered 3-D computer graphics and photos, plus fully narrated slide presentations on every facet of macular degeneration. The photo essays are also available on video (see below).

Managed by MD Support in association with Amazon Books, every published book on macular degeneration can be found here, in addition to a special “recommended books” category. MD Support receives a small commission for every book sold through this site, so your patronage is appreciated.

Meet leading doctors and researchers, and learn of developments in the field of low vision by reading complete transcripts of our group discussions. Every important topic relating to macular degeneration treatment and research may be found here. Most recent transcript: “Retinal Transplantation Update,” a question and answer session with Norman Radtke, M.D., about the latest successes with an experimental procedure that restores lost vision.

Clinical Trial Watch
Current information on clinical trials for macular degeneration

Eccentric Viewing Practice
A program by Dr. Jennifer Hensil for training yourself to see better with your peripheral vision.

Eye Diseases & Conditions
Links to information about common retinal problems.

Eye Tests
The Amsler Grid, Visual Field Grid, & Snellen Chart.

Financial Assistance for Eye Care
A list of organizations offering aid to qualified people who need help.

Complete collection of terms and definitions relative to retinal disease, procedures, and treatment.

A collection of over 125 easy-to-understand articles about research, eye conditions, latest developments, and miscellaneous subjects. Information is updated regularly.

Map Your Blind Spot
An easy-to-use online tool for showing others how you see.

Product Reviews
Personal opinions from the MD Community on low vision devices.

Recommended Products
Links to companies recognized by MD Support for uniqueness and quality.

A Self Help Guide to Nonvisual Skills
Learn how to maintain up to 99% of common daily living activities, even with no functional vision.

Support Groups
Find a low vision support group in your area.

Through Our Eyes
A photo collection showing how people see with various retinal diseases.

Treatment Archives
Personal accounts of experiences with macular degeneration treatments.

Visual Symptoms
Illustrations of visual symptoms relative to macular degeneration.

Professionally-produced video tapes and DVDs to help you understand more about macular degeneration and how to live successfully with central vision loss.

What Is Macular Degeneration?
General description with retinal photographs and links to further information. Also available in audio version.

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