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Gayle Unplugged: An Adaptive Technology & Real Life Situations of the Blind Blog Link

Gayle Unplugged

A message from Gayle Yarnall, Director, Perkins Products:

Welcome to the lighter side of Perkins Products. This part of our website is also known as “hints for real life”. We will cover real life and how blind people cope with the situations that occur about fifty times a day. I do not claim that all the ideas you find here will be mine. I will take them from any place I find them. Be careful what you say to me because it may show up here. Some of these were submitted by other blind people. If you read this you will know who you are. Thanks for your help.

(Gayle Yarnall is herself blind and uses in her daily life many of the very same products sold by Perkins Products. Click on the entries below to read Gayle’s latest thoughts.)

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