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At Independence Science we strive to be your source for all Blind and Low Vision Access Technology. Our research and development efforts have produced technologies for increasing access to hands-on experiences for students with print disabilities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics classrooms (STEM). Our mission is to help these students achieve their full potential.

“Through the development of these innovative access technologies, we can truly level the playing field for students who are blind or low vision in the science classroom and hopefully encourage an interest in STEM career paths. I feel that the work of Independence Science is helping to create a more barrier-free learning environment for students who are BLV in science classrooms nationwide. My experience with developing these access technologies has taught me that blindness need not be a barrier in the pursuit of one’s ambitions to achieve whatever goals he or she aspires to achieve."

- Founder and President of Independence Science, Cary Supalo, Ph.D.

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