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Libboo is an online social writing community and platform where people can network and collaborate to create written content online and in real time. Our community consists of authors, editors, illustrators, critiques and proof-readers. Our technology ‘rates’ the content and the creator/s by using a behavioral-based algorithm. For instance, written content is rated base on how much its read, downloaded, promoted (or forwarded or liked) and the users are rated on how they interact with the community. Our technology continuously tracks the copy-write of the material created on Libboo, as we don not keep our users copy-write. And all of this is free for people to use.

Keywords: author, writer, editor, illustrator, critic, research, journalist

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    I'll have to check that site out! I am a journalism major and love to write. Thus, I'm always looking for outlets to get my writing out there. Thanks for sharing this!

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