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Looking Good Without Looking with Linda Zani Thomas Video

Get the scoop on the best deals, emerging fashion trends, our review of the “Doll Lash” look, BB creams, our pick for the “IT” handbag of the year.

Johanna’s closet transformation begins AND we go in- depth on how to find the perfect pair of jeans!

Linda Zani Thomas- Host
Johanna Baccan- Makeup Consultant

Taken from Looking Good Without Looking website:

Linda Zani Thomas created a system called the Looking Good Without Looking Guide to Fashion and Personal Style for women published in the Braille Monitor, a national publication in January of 2010. By request, Linda created a system for men and that was published in the Braille Monitor in May of 2010.

In November 2010, Linda produced and hosted a live fashion show featuring 16 blind/visually impaired models. Linda was “discovered” by Lenny Azzarone the creative wizard at radio and invited to do a live monthly webcast, which she thought about for one second before saying yes. She asked Johanna Baccan, visually impaired Makeup Diva and expert on living life with glamour and high style to be her co-host in June of 2011 and they hope the rest will become fashion history.

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    I have never heard of "Looking Good without Looking", and I'm so excited to learn more about this topic! Thank you for sharing.

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