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Tech Vision Blog Link

Dr. Denise Robinson’s website, Tech Vision Blog teaches children and adults, who have vision impairments or reading challenges, technology and skills that will help them succeed in life.

The blog currently has over 100 short articles and is growing daily. One section entitled Files to Download & Use includes information such as:

*Calculator shortcut keys
*PowerPoint Keystrokes
*JAWS commands
*Websites resources
*Informal Braille Competency Test
*JAWS Keystrokes
*Braille lesson to translate
*Laptop Keystrokes for Reading Text and Information
*Excel keystrokes
*Vision Checklist for grades 2-4
*Braille contraction list
*Alphabet braille practice—need Duxbury to open
*Braille alphabet, need Duxbury to open
*JAWS and Word commands
*Reading Speeds for Students
*Oregon Project
*Braille memory-need Duxbury to open
*Braille Math setup- need Duxbury to open
*Braille alphabet, need Duxbury to open

Dr. Robinson is an independent consultant, teacher of the blind and visually
impaired with the Yakima school district, and specialist in blind programming/teaching & training teams.

This website is a fantastic resource for parents, teachers of the visually impaired, blind and visually impaired students and adults. This blog is in connection with Dr. Robinson’s Tech Vision Website.

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