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What are the Best blind friendly cellphones to use? Question

I am thinking about buying a new cellphone. I currently have an EN V 3 by LG, I like it but I want to know if there is something better than I already have?

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    Hi there,
    I try to stay informed on the latest cell phones and providers. Honestly, the only phones that are designed to be friendly to the visually impaired are a couple of LG phones and the Samsung Haven. Personally, I find these types of phones limiting. If you really are willing to make the leap to mainstream cell phones you should consider an iPhone or an Android. The iPhone has built in accessibility for blind or visually impaired. The Android has a software available called mobile speak that makes it fully accessible. These 2 phone providers are leading the market and I think you will really enjoy one of them with a lettle training and practice.

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    Hi. Yes, the iPhone is getting better and better. You will learn to use it in no time.
    But, Android is also a good option.
    Phones like Nokia is also a good option.
    Then you would use the screen reader Nuance Talks, or Mobile speak from Code Factory.

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    There are actually many accessible phones nowadays. The most widely used and promoted is the iPhone, which is what I use myself. There are many other options, however.

    Android used to be the laughing stock for any iOS user. I remember walking into a Verizon store and having absolutely no success using anything Android. Disgusted, I purchased the iPhone and have never looked back. Now, however, TalkBack, similar to VoiceOver, continues to improve and is actually a very viable option for anyone in the market.

    The pros of iOS are numerous. I can use LookTell's MoneyReader to identify my money. I can use TapTapSee to identify the color of my shirts and just about anything else. I can even play horror-themed games! There are many GPS apps available for iOS. Android suffers from a lack in accessibility in just about all of these markets, though that will be changing. Fleksy has already begun work on a system-wide Android keyboard.

    If you already have an iPad, iPod Touch or iPad Mini, and are in the market for a new phone, my suggestion would be stick with iOS and get an iPhone. Your apps will seemlessly restore and you'll be in business. If you're unsure what to get, go to an Apple store (they'll be more knowledgeable about accessibility) and play with an iPhone. Then, go to your carrier store and look at the Android phones and pick from what you like best. Most visually impaired people do use iOS, but Android is an option now and it is important for people to be aware of its accessibility features.

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