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New Yahoo! Mail Help Accessibility Topics Link

New Yahoo! Mail Help Accessibility Topics

Links to:

Accessibility features in Yahoo! Mail
*Overview of accessibility features for persons with disabilities
*Supported screen readers and browsers
*Recommended Settings to improve Yahoo! Mail’s compatibility with screen readers
*Widget Navigation
*Accessibility Feedback and User Support
*What are these shortcut keys I keep hearing about?

Composing emaill
*Using shortcuts to access the BCC field
*Using shortcuts to access rich text, plain text, and emoticons
*Using shortcuts to add and remove attachments

Other basic operations

*Reading Email
*Checking Email
*Replying and Forwarding Email
*Tab Navigation

Message list overview
*Basic Navigation
*The Stucture of the Message List
*Message list Paging Controls
*Sorting the Message List
*Flagging Messages
*Moving Messages to a Folder

Using folders
*Removing Folders
*Adding Folders
*Switching Folders
*An Overview of Folders

Using lists
*Expanding and Collapsing Lists
*Navigating Lists
*An Overview of Lists

Known issues
*Known Issues with Mail Accessibility

Video tutorials: Using screenreaders with Yahoo! Mail
*How to read an email using using a screenreader
*How to reply to an email using a screenreader
*Navigating the message list in your inbox
*How to compose a new email using a screenreader
*Checking for new mail using a screen reader

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