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Invisible Sky NASA Unveils Cosmic Images Book in Braille Video

Simply Consistent , Inc., is Proud to represent Noreen Grice who coauthored a new book from Nasa Touch the Invisible Sky.

Below is an excerpt from an article explaining Noreen’s impact on those who thought they could not…..

Chelsea Cook, a high school student in Newport News, Virginia, got her family to drive four hours to Baltimore for the new book’s unveiling. She says Noreen Grice’s astronomy books are “really interesting, you know, the visuals are easy to read, and they’re just cool to look at.”

Cook says she has enough vision to see a full moon, but not stars. Still, she wants to study astro chemistry and astrophysics. And she’s fascinated by the idea of space exploration.

Her ultimate career goal? To become the first “blind astronaut.” It will be “a lot to work towards,” she says, “but I think it’s possible.”

Grice is a coauthor of Touch the Invisible Sky, a new book from NASA that is available in schools for the blind, libraries and museums. The 60-page book features 28 color photos taken by Hubble and other NASA telescopes. Each image is also illustrated with textures like raised lines and dots. These patterns represent shapes and other features.

Grice has published five braille books on astronomy. They fill what was once a black hole in braille publishing. Translating pictures into braille is costly, so not many science books for blind people include raised images and graphics. Grice says she wants to put these images at blind students’ fingertips “so that they can make pictures in their minds’ eyes, and maybe discover things that other people didn’t notice.”

Simply Consistent, Inc. is pleased to announce that Astronomy educator and Accessibility Specialist, Noreen Grice, also of You Can Do Astronomy, was at the Perkins School for the Blind on February 2nd teaching instructors of the visually impaired how to make astronomy accessible.

Most of the instructors had used Grice’s first book Touch the Stars with their students. Grice showed the instructors different ways to teach topics such as, moon phases, seasons, star patterns and the solar system.

If you would like to donate something to help Noreen on her mission please go here

If you wish you to hire Noreen Grice to facilitate workshops or speak at a conference, contact Simply Consistent, Inc

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