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The China Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe - Music Ensemble: Sound Of Music Video

A video of visually impaired adults from the China disabled people’s performing art troupe during their production of “My Dream”

A clip taken from a film called “My Dream”.
Directed by Wang Honghai.

In his film My Dream, director Wang Hong Hai pays tribute to the stunning works in dance and music performed internationally by the 84 members of the China Handicapped Performers’ Troupe. During a one-year period, Wang and his production staff lived together with the members of the troupe, recording their daily lives, practice sessions and efforts the performers made to train their bodies.

The troupe was founded in Beijing in 1987 by a group of 30 artists and includes performers who have hearing or sight impairments. The film covers their history, process and performances. My Dream is a combination of documentary and visual poetry that transcends the limits of language and geography.

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