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Pioneer: Utah's Online Library Website Link

What is Pioneer: Utah’s Online Library?

Pioneer is a virtual library created by the Utah State Library Division in cooperation with Utah’s public libraries. It is one component of the statewide Pioneer project, which serves Utah’s public schools and academic institutions, as well as patrons of public libraries.

In addition to the Pioneer website, which is aimed at all Utah residents, there are two other websites under the Pioneer banner: Academic Pioneer, designed to meet the needs of university and college students, and K-12 Pioneer, designed for primary and secondary school students and teachers.

Additionally, Preschool Pioneer, for children ages 3-6, was launched in the fall of 2008. PIONEER was so named to emphasize the two prime components of its purpose: 1) service to Utah residents, and 2) the breadth and depth of information resources contained within.

Databases include:
Genealogy – HeritageQuest
Newspapers & Magazines
Health & Medical
Business & Finance
Auto Repair
OverDrive – Audiobooks & eBooks
OneClickdigital – Audiobooks
Jobs and Careers
Homework Help for Kids & Teens
All Pioneer Databases

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