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UtahFutures.Org: Career Information System Link is Utah’s career information system for students, job seekers, employment service providers, educational institutions and moreā€¦

Features cutting-edge career planning tools, leading labor market information, job search success skills, education and training options and direct links to Utah employers and employment opportunities.

Create a personal account through one of four portals: Middle School, High School, Postsecondary, and Utah Residents. Utah students in middle and high school: You MUST use your SSID to access the account already created by your school counselor.

For resume help:

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Click on “Occupations and Jobs”
Click on “How to Search for Jobs”
Find information on how to create a cover letter, resume, and prepare for a job interview is provided free of charge to all Utah residents through the support of these partners: GEAR UP, Utah State Office of Education, Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority (UHEAA), Utah State Office of Rehabilitation, and the Department of Workforce Services. Personal data entered by the user is not released to third parties without the user’s express consent and direction.

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    I wish the state of Nebraska had some thing like the state of Utah has, but for older people ( 50+above ) The state is still in the 20th century as far as helping the people find jobs , were just as if not more inportant too! A lot of the states are not up to date with help for the sight inpaired/ blind of there state. Each state should look into this problem also. There is a lot of knowledge that needs to be gotten out that this country could use to help the young also.

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