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Project STRIVE 2013/2014

Project STRIVE Mission:
The aim of Project STRIVE is to instill hope, build confidence, and provide mentorship to blind youth, from seventh grade to age 26. Our ultimate goal is to ensure their successful transition to becoming contributing and self-reliant members of society. We seek to accomplish our mission by providing one-on-one mentoring with blind peers and adults and by holding regularly scheduled activities including discussions on attitudes about blindness, presentations from competent blind adults, and opportunities for college and career preparation. In everything we do, Project STRIVE is dedicated to the success of the individual and to the promotion of a positive attitude about blindness.

Thing to Know:
• Our activities focus on principles in our mission statement and are aimed at building skills and confidence in the following areas:
o Independent living
o Independent travel
o Technology
o Social skills
o Career/job skills
o Recreation and leisure
• All activities are FREE to participants
• Activities are generally held from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Division of Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired (DSBVI), 250 N 1950 W Salt Lake City
• Transportation arrangements can be made to include participants from Logan to St. George and points in between

Important Dates and Events:
• September 14: This is our kick-off activity. We will meet at DSBVI for a blind driver challenge! We will build and then race pinewood derby cars. We will also do a cooking without looking activity. We will finish off our activity at Airborne Trampoline Arena. Note: You must sign a waiver in order to participate in the trampoline portion of the activity. Sign online at
Other Activity Dates:
• October 12
• November 16
• December 14
• January 11
• February 8
• March 8
• April 12
• May 9-10 NFBU State Convention
• June 14

Registration for Project STRIVE:
• Register and take a survey for 2013-2014 Project STRIVE
• If you register and take survey at Registration and Survey Link before the September 14 activity, you will receive a gift card for iTunes or Target.

Contact Us!
For more information, contact us at

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