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2010 People's Design Award: Braille Alphabet Bracelet Video

The 2010 People’s Design Award goes to the Braille Alphabet Bracelet by At First Sight Braille Jewelry. This video is Leslie Ligon’s (owner of At First Sight) acceptance speech

The design of this bracelet combines beautiful jewelry design and the braille alphabet to help spread the need for Braille literacy. Unemployment among individuals who are blind hovers at about 70%, but of those individuals who are employed 95% read braille.

At a time when only about 10% of the blind population currently reads Braille, this bracelet is a reminder of the importance of Braille literacy. A percentage of the profits from the sale of her Braille jewelry are donated to organizations that promote Braille literacy.

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    The BRAILLE alphabet BRACLET is beautiful. I am so glad the an award was provided and justly so. Plus the an an award for Braille, Great. Thank You

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