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More About Braille On the Net: Resource Webpage Link

Enabling Technologies’ More About Braille on the Net resource page.

Webpage includes links/resources on the web related to:

Braille Alphabet

Braille, as a Business

Braille Chocolate Bars

Braille Fonts

Braille Formatting

Braille History

Braille Jewelry

Braille Lessons

Braille Through Remote Learning

Braille Literacy

Braille Music

Braille Organizations

Braille, for Parents of Blind Children

Braille Publications

Braille Resources for Teachers

Braille Shareware

Braille Signs

Braille Slates

Braille, Tactile Writing Systems Other Than

Braille Teaching Aids

Braille Translation Software for Your Computer

Braille Transcription & Publishing

Braille Writer (as in “Perkins”) Repair

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