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Blind Man driving Motor Boat Solo Article

Jerome Thompson has his eye on a new and most daring horizon as he attempts the impossible by driving a small motor boat, completely solo around paradise Island Bahamas in July, 2012. He plans to circumnavigate the marine course at a fairly high rate of speed, a maximum of four laps, nonstop.

Jerome who is 48 and was blind from the age of 11, made Bahamian history on July 11th, 2009 by becoming the first visually disable person in his country to have driven a motor boat under his own power. He was assisted by a support team including his Trainer, a former Royal Bahamas Defense Force Boat Captain.

That 2009 endeavor was the first by Mr. Thompson which by necessity, required his trainer to physically be on the same craft with him, giving him voice commands from the bow of the craft as He, the blind pilot was in the cockpit. However, Jerome intends to step it up quite a notch in 2012 by actually being the only person on the lead boat, being guided around the course by his Trainer through a two way radio system from the chase boat, which will be following close behind him.

The accomplishment of this daring undertaking by Jerome will be the featured activity of Blind Boat Challenge International-(BBCI), a newly established disability sporting event in The Bahamas.

BBCI is basically a series of sea activities being hosted in The Bahamas, which is designed to showcase the marine handling skills of visually disable people in particular, but people with disabilities in general. Fund-raiser Golf and Fishing Tournaments among other supporting activities, all of which will be participated in by people with disabilities, will also be held.

This 2012event has the support of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism. Also, it will be staged on and around the picturest paradise Island, Home of the world famous Atlantis Resort.

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