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Changing a Tire: Project STRIVE Video

Some may question, “Why would it be important for a blind person to know how to change a tire, fill a gas tank, check the car oil, know the mechanics of a car when they aren’t able to drive?”

There are many adults who own cars, and happen to blind. They hire drivers who use their cars, or may have sighted family members who may use it. It’s very important to know traffics rules, how car insurance works, basic maintenance, and what to do in an emergency (whether you are the driver or passenger).

If you are blind or visually impaired teen, knowing the ins and outs about a car can be very helpful in social situations, opening communication or dialogue with sighted peers.

Video showing Project STRIVE Mentor, Kirt Manwaring starting the process of changing a tire.

In the words of Kirt, “This is awesome!”

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