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blind medical transcriptionist. Question

Are there blind medical transcriptionists here in the state of Utah/? Or are there any blind disc jockeys working at radio stations?

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    Hi Max,

    I do know of one blind medical transcriptionist down in the St. George area. Her VR Counselor is Milo Waddups and you might give him a call and see if you can get permission to speak with her about her job. There may be others, so you may want to speak with other VR counselors here in Utah and see if they have any ideas.
    As for the blind DJ. Currently there are 2 guys I know who are trying to break into the field and are right now volunteering at a couple of radio stations. Contact me off line and I will share their contact info with you. I also know of a couple of individuals that used to be in radio but are no longer. It is a hard field and about the only way to break into it is 1. a good education, 2. persistence and willingness to sometimes work without pay or do other jobs for the station that does not include being on air, 3. A little luck or knowing the right person!

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    I don't know a medical transcriptionist in Utah, but I have a found helpful resource for job seeks, employers and professionals (AFB Career Connect). There is an article about a Medical Transcriptionist, how she got the job, and what she does everyday. Link:

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