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Using iTunes on the PC Question

I am familiar with purchasing songs and apps on the iPhone, but have a difficult time doing these same things in iTunes on the PC. I use Jaws 11 and am curious what suggestions you have to help be better navigate iTunes on the computer.

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    Hi Edward. JAWS and iTunes are still in the learning how to work together stage. Currently, using JAWS 11 and/or 12. I will say that 12 does work a little better. One thing you have to start using on a regular basis is your JAWS cursor. If you are not familiar with how to use this then you will get frustrated rather quickly. There is a very helpful JAWS script called jTunes and is available from TandT consultin. I do not know their website but I'm sure you can google it. JTunes is $50 and really enhances the JAWS user experience and makes using itunes fun and responsive.
    Another idea for you is to visit and check out their podcast sections. There is a great 2 part podcast on using JAWS and iTunes.

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    Thank you very much

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    Go to edit/Preferences and turn off features you don't wat. For example if you don't want to listen to Internet radio, you can turn that off. If you are getting started, you don't need the iTunes sidebar. Turn that off.
    F6 toggles between the Sources, the Search and sometimes another feature. Press F6 until you are back to sources. Arrow down through the sources, such as Music, Podcasts, iTunes store etc. iTunes was ported to the PC, using libraries that were originally developed for Apple computers, so its responsiveness, even for sighted users can be slow.
    When you are at a source you want, tab through it to become familiar with all the buttons and other fields. There are many, many of them. Take your time and explore.
    Shopping in the iTunes store can be challenging, but my work-around is this. I google for the item I'm seeking and the word itunes, or I google for the name of the app and the words "iPhone app". The google search takes me to the iTunes web page for that item. That page will have a link labeled "view in iTunes". When I select that link, the page opens in iTunes, but I don't have to navigate it there. Instead I tab to the button that displays the price or reads Free, and press enter. That's how I buy the item.
    Also don't forget the menus. There's a standard File, edit, iTunes store and other menus from a standard menu bar. You can right-click or press the applications key on an item to get a context-sensitive list of things iTunes can do with the item.
    If you are a bookshare member, you can understand iTunes better by reading "Take Control of iTunes 10_ The FAQ" which is a great book on how to do everything in iTunes. Also go to, go to their tutorials section and read all the iTunes tutorials.
    There exist scripts for iTunes and JAWS; jtunes and blindtunes. I have not needed either of them, because I spent time reading up on how iTunes works and because I use the context menus to do most things.

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