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Lime Lighter Demonstration: Low Vision Solution for Music Video

Info Taken from Dancing Dots

The Lime Lighter displays printed music notation using the traditional five-line staff. New low vision features allow you to magnify the music up to 10 times the original size. You can even edit the music and print it out. But, for most low vision people, this technology will be of interest as a way of reading music comfortably. Our new low vision features provide the special magnification functions needed to display enlarged music in the proper proportions from 1.25 times standard size all the way up to 10 times. For more easily reading text in program menus and dialogs, you have the option to use the built-in features of Windows or third-party magnification programs such as ZoomText and MAGic. You may also want to use those programs to invert the screen image or to change background and foreground colors.

How does it Work?

Each time you press the control on the right side of the pedal included, the music on the screen advances to the next measure. In effect, the page of music slides from right to left so that the start of each measure appears roughly at the same position on the screen. A focus rectangle highlights the start of each measure as well. To move back one measure, you press the left side of the pedal. To move to the top of the piece or to the beginning of the currently repeated section, you press on the center of the pedal.

Displays magnified print music notation.
Magnify music from 1.25 up to 10 times.
Markup your music on the screen with special stylus and save for later.
Listen to music playback in tempo.
Optionally use third-party magnification software to read text in program menus and dialogs.
Composers and arrangers can use The Lime Lighter to enter, revise and print out their musical ideas.

Marking the Music

Using a special stylus which looks and feels like a standard pen, you can draw directly on the Lime Lighter’s screen. The software displays your markings and saves them for display each time you open that file. For example, if your teacher or the conductor tells you to circle a certain note or cross-out a particular measure, you can draw on the screen just as 20-20 musicians would take a pencil and mark their paper score. If you should need to change your magnification (Zoom) level, the system scales the size of your marking to the new magnification level.

Preparing Music to be Displayed

The Lime Lighter comes equipped with the SharpEye Music Reader music OCR software. SharpEye scans print music using any standard scanner. The Lime software imports the results of the scan and displays the music according to your preferences for magnification. It is even possible to listen to your PC perform the music as an aid to learning your part. A second way to get music into Lime is to import MusicXML files created by other programs. More and more MusicXML scores are becoming available for download from the internet for little or no cost. Lastly, you have the option to enter music directly into Lime by typing on the PC keyboard or by playing on an electronic musical keyboard attached to your PC.

Included with The Lime Lighter

20-inch diagonal (16 by 9), touch screen flat-panel PC with wireless keyboard and mouse
Adjustable, heavy-duty music stand to support Lime Lighter screen
Stylus attached to music stand for marking screen
USB foot pedal
Lime software with custom music magnification features
SharpEye Music Reader music OCR
Dancing Dots will install and configure all software, including any screen reader or third-party magnification programs, before shipping the unit to you.
Option to have Dancing Dots prepare up to 20 pages of your print music collection to be ready to read with Lime Lighter.
One-hour training and orientation consultation by telephone with Dancing Dots after you take delivery

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $3,995 plus Shipping $75

For more information or to order your Lime Lighter, please call Dancing Dots at +1 610 783 6692 and press Option 1 for Sales or order online below.

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