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What type of technology do you use on a daily basis? Why? Question

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    I use JAWS on my computer, I use the pebble, talking caller ID on my home telephone, I use the voice commands on my cellphone, I use the acrobat, talking calculator, and a color detector.

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    I use a BrailleNote the most because it is so portable, straightforward and blind friendly. When I am unable to use my braillenote, I also use JAWS on a regular PC.

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    The technology I use on a daily basis, would include, Jaws on my computer, my ID mate, my NLS digital Book player,the VIP talking thermostat, and my Iphone. If I had to give up all technology bar one item, I would keep my iPhone hands down! I can use my iPhone to read my Book Share books, identify currancy, play games, take notes, send email, navigate the web, find my location, find what is around me, oh, yes, and I can even make phone calls!

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