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A Practicing Blind Physician Audio

Audio of Dr. Tim Cordes speech given July 8, 2009 at the National Federation of the Blind Convention. Dr Timothy Cordes is a resident in Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics.

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    I am interested in becoming a doctor and I am visually impaired. I was wonderring if anyone could give me Mr. Chords contact information. I would like to have a mentor that could help me reach my dream. This video is very inspirational.

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    Hi Mikhal, I am not sure of his contact info but I will work on getting it for you. You can email me at Let me know in your email your contact info and when I find him I'll send him your comment and contact information. I do know that he lives in Wisconsin, and I believe in the Green Bay area. Take care and hold on to that dream and reach it!

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