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Jake Olson's Inspirational Story of Surviving Cancer Video

Taken from Jake’s Website, Out of Sight Faith

“Jake is also a life-long University of Southern California football fan. He had the opportunity to meet the entire coaching staff and team as well as spend precious moments with the team leading up to his surgery and the weeks that followed. Meeting Coach Carroll and the team was a special experience for both Jake and the Trojans. These relationships assisted Jake beyond measure during some of his most trying times and some of these relationships have grown into special friendships. During the Trojan season and leading up to Jake’s surgery, ESPN’s Shelly Smith captured his story along side the Trojans, his battle with cancer and his courage in a short documentary. This piece has been aired on ESPN, Good Morning America, ABC’s Evening News and has been nominated for an ESPY award.

Jake attends Huntington Christian School and has remained a straight A student even during his transition to blindness. Jake plays on the school football team and also enjoys golf, skiing, surfing and playing the guitar. Jake was recently seen surfing in Hawaii with surfing pro, Ned Snow. Jake has set a personal goal to become the first blind golfer to join the PGA golf tour. "

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    Way to go Jake! The attitude we have on life means the most. We can choose to be happy, sad, angry, pessimistic, or hopeful. My family has a saying which a try to remember when I am feeling down: "Attitude is EVERYTHING pick a GOOD one!" Jake truly epitomizes this outlook.

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