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Description of how to use the website Audio

Homepage Description is easy to navigate, once you know how it is set up.

The top of every page within the website is the same:
• At the top left corner is the BlindHow logo, which links you back to the homepage.
• The top right corner of every page has a link to either log in to the website or sign up as a member of the website.
• Directly below the Signup/Login link is a Search box so you can type in any term and search the website for that term.

Below this page header, the homepage features a photograph of Mark Riccobono, Executive Director of the National Federation of the Blind’s (NFB) Jernigan Institute. He stands next to a Ford Escape that he drove around the Daytona International Speedway as part of the Blind Driver Challenge.

Below the photograph, the rest of the BlindHow homepage allows you to navigate through the rest of the website easily.

On the left side of the page, the main categories on the website appear in a vertical list. Each list item links to a new page of articles and other submissions that are related to that category. This vertical list appears on the left side of every page within

Below the list of categories, and still on the left side of the page, is a list of the top keywords for the website. These keywords link to articles and other submissions that use the keywords. A list of keywords appears on other pages within the BlindHow website, but the list will be specific to the category or keyword that you have selected.

Below the list of keywords on the homepage only is a link to submit content for the website. If you have logged in to the website, the link takes you directly to a page where you may submit your content. If you have not logged in to the website, the link takes you to a page where you can log in or sign up as a member and then takes you back to the homepage.

Under the photograph of Mark Riccobono and to the right of the categories list and keywords list is the featured content for the website. There are always nine items featured at any given time.

The features are laid out in a grid of three rows and three columns. The information for each feature is confined to one box of this grid.

Each feature item display has several helpful components:
• A category: Each feature item is assigned a category such as Frequently Asked Questions, Recreation and Leisure, or Active Daily Living Skills. The category name for each feature item appears at the top of that feature’s box in the grid.
• A picture: Under the category name is a picture that is related to the topic of the feature.
• A title: Under the picture is the feature’s title.
• A description of format: Under the title is a one-word description of the feature’s format. For example, the format could be video, audio, question, article, or link. A link refers to a hyperlink that brings you to a specific, useful, blind-related website.
• A summary: Under the format description is a short summary, or teaser text that explains in a little more detail what the article is about.

The bottom of every web page on is the same. There is a horizontal strip across the bottom of the page. This strip has three columns.

The first on the left is labeled BlindHow Info and has a list of helpful links. Some of these links include an audio tutorial on how to use the website’s features, a page for sending feedback, and a page for publishing information on the website.

The middle column is title Categories and lists the same categories that can be found on the left side of the website’s pages.

The third column, on the right side of the page, contains copyright information as well as a link to the website for the National Federation of the Blind. There is also a link to submit donations and to follow Project Strive on Facebook. Project Strive is an NFB of Utah project that helps blind youth prepare for college and careers.

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