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Cheap Talking MP3 Players! Link

Hi, i came across this cool site.

They sell MP3 players as big as credit cards, and smaller.
Mainly two types:

And what they do is put Rockbox on it which makes it very accessible.
And you can have a fully accesible MP3 player which plays a whole lot of formats music! For under $100!

Go to:

And please, when you’re making a purchose, send this refference to this email address:

with the following refference:
Referral: Dewald van Deventer

so they can know you got this referral from me.

Free promotion!
When you bye a 8G MP3 player from them in this week, you get a free 4G memorycard!

Its so amazing!

The link again:

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    I recently bought a talking sansa clip zip from them and got a free 8 gb card! I love the player speaks menus and you can name your files to speak it's very easy to use

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