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Albinism Saga (Part 1/3) Video

Information about albinism from Matt and Ashley. Both have albinism.

Topics covered: general definition and information, explanation of what we see, why we might seem rude when you speak to us, babying vs neglect, the term “albino” (offensive vs acceptable), albinism and sports.

Adam Palmer’s comments:
This video contains some good information. I could relate to these two when they explain that when people wave at me and think I’m rude if I don’t wave back. I don’t see you. :)

I don’t agree with everything in this video. For example, they explain that glasses don’t really help. I have albinism and my glasses help me see better, but not perfect like they help most people. They also say you shouldn’t go hunting. I like to go to the shooting range with my dad, and hopefully I can go hunting one day.

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