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I recently had an opportunity to show my sister in law and her cousin around the campus of Utah State University in Logan, Utah. These two have never had any experience with people who have visual impairments, yet they eagerly allowed me to show them the campus that I have called “home” for the past four years. We did it on bicycles! I rode my own bike, while they rode on a tandem.

We began our adventure by leaving my apartment, and riding a block to where our cousin, would be be staying as a new college freshman this Fall. Each area of housing on campus has its own area office, I led them there and we walked around Richard’s Hall, where she would be staying.

After exploring many apartments, we got back on our bikes and rode through campus. I would show them where important buildings were; student center, the LDS or “Mormon” Institute of Religion, and the Library.

After we had ridden through the center of campus we rode the block back to my apartment.

They never questioned my ability to ride a bike safely on my own. Neither one of them ever called out to me to watch out for some kind of barrier that may be in front of my path. I am grateful that I was able to show them one of the many things people who are blind are capable of.

I know I still have a long way to go in educating my in-laws on just how capable I can be, but through this experience, I have begun the important process.

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    Hi Katie,

    This was a nice article and good for you! I have a question for you: If you would have had a minor accident on the bike because you did not see something would your family or anyone else have then treated you differently? Would you have been able to still show the campus if you were on the tandem bike with one of them directing where to go from the back end of the seat?
    I, myself, know that riding a bike safely by myself is currently not a possibility for me. But I know I could still be the one navigating via my knowledge from the backseat of the tandem bike!
    These are just thoughts for you, again nice job and nice article!

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