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Reading highlighted text after searching on computer Question

Hello folks,
I have enough vision not to be using JAWS yet. However I am struggling to see the pale colours used by the computer to highlight text when I have used a “search” function. This can be in a word document, pdf, or web page. Word and webpages are particularly faint. I do a search (or control f) and then I can’t see what has been highlighted for me. I’m left having to read the entire page looking for the word. On a website I often miss it. That pale green is hopeless! Does anyone know a solution to this?


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    Hi Terry,
    The only thing that comes to mind for me that you can do is first, check your accessibility settings in your Control Panel and look at the contrast and color settings. You may be able to change the highlight setting to an easier contrast. Another idea is to use a software that ill definitely allow you to change this setting. Zoomtext or MAGic come to mind first and are not horribly expensive but still high. You could try System Access located at, as long as you are connected to the internet, this would allow you free magnification and more importantly, contrast and color settings.
    Good luck!

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