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NASA develops free tactile book about the moon for the blind Article

Called “Getting a Feel for Lunar Craters,” the 17-page book features Braille and tactile diagrams of the lunar surface, craters and peaks. The book was
created and funded by NASA’s Lunar Science Institute (NLSI), at Moffett Field, Calif. The author is David Hurd, a space science professor at Edinboro University
of Pennsylvania in Edinboro, Pa.

“This book is one giant step for humankind, making lunar science visible through touch and sound,” NLSI Director Yvonne Pendleton said. “NASA is committed
to the development of resources to bring lunar science into the world of those who cannot see.”

To obtain a free copy of “Getting a Feel for Lunar Craters,” visit:

NLSI is a virtual organization that enables collaborative, interdisciplinary research in support of NASA lunar science programs. The institute uses technology
to bring scientists together around the world and comprises competitively selected U.S. teams and several international partners. NASA’s Science Mission
Directorate and the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate in Washington fund NLSI, which is managed by NASA’s Ames Research Center at Moffett Field,
Calif.  For more information about the NLSI, visit:


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