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First known Blind Movie Critic to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live Article

TAMPA – He’s believed to be the nation’s only blind movie critic, and this week, Tampa’s Jay Forry will be introduced to a national audience.

Forry is scheduled to appear on the Jimmy Kimmel show Tuesday night to talk about his job.

The film critic lost his eyesight to diabetes when he was 28. The former construction foreman returned to community college and wrote his first movie reviews for the school paper as a joke.

He enjoyed it so much he decided to make it a career. His reviews air on radio stations around the country.

A narrator, usually his wife, accompanies Forry to screenings to describe the action on screen.

But Forry says he does a lot of research beforehand, quipping: “I’m prepared because I don’t want to go in blind.”

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    I watched him on Jimmy. When I heard the preview about a blind movie critic was going to be on Jimmy I had to stay up and watch. He was very funny and I liked his determinnation.

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