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Traveling with a guide dog, the trials of getting there Article

Traveling with a guidedog.
When I was growing up, people would ask if I planned on getting a guidedog, and my answer was a resounding “yes!”
I have always loved dogs, and couldn’t imagine not getting a guide when I was 16. However, things didn’t go as planned at first.
I lived in a small town, and like many people, had over protective parents who, while they let me try whatever I wanted to try, were reluctant to allow me to travel on my own, especially since I lived out in the country, and hadn’t really anywhere I could walk from home. I had had O and M since I was in preschool, but they were still worried about me traveling around town alone. Even when I was in High School, I wasn’t alowd to walk to my grandma’s house who lived 5 blocks from the school!
It was frustrating, but my O and M specialist and I worked together to convince them of my abilities, and even had one of my parents walk behind on a lesson to show them that I was capable. I did get to travel on my own by junior year.
I was turned down the first time I applied for a dog, because I didn’t travel enough on my own. The second time I applied, however, I had traveled a lot more often (once or twice a week at least), around town and was accepted.
All this is just to say that, even if you have people in your life that tell you you can’t do something, or who are worried about you getting hurt, it is possible to achieve your goals with the will to keep trying, and pushing the limit. You can’t just give up because someone tells you you can’t do something! Tell yourself you can do it and keep trying! Traveling with a dog is amazing, and if I’d just stopped trying I’d never have the loving, wonderful, amazing companion and friend that keeps me safe every day!

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