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Harry Potter in Descriptive Video Article

Hi Everyone!
There is a new DVS movie for the coming week – HARRY POTTER 7.2 (PG13). It is at The MegaPlex 20 at The District in South Jordan, 11400 S and Bangeter Hwy. For those who are visually impaired and have not yet tried a DVS movie, I highly recommend it. It is great to enjoy a movie and not feel like you are missing anything.

Descriptive Video Service
One special midnight showing Thur night / Fri morning 12:40 AM
HARRY POTTER 7.2 (PG13) Showtimes (9:55 12:50 3:45) 6:40 9:35

Please feel free to email me and let me know of your experiences, both good and bad, when you’ve gone to the movies.

Mark Turley

Helpful Hints:
1. It is best to buy your tickets directly at the counter in the
theater and let them know you need the DVS headphones and need to sit in
the correct DVS area. (The DVS system works on a wireless signal like
blue-tooth, and does not cover the entire theater. I believe it is only
good in the back 6 rows, or so, of the theater.)

2. As soon as you notice any sort of problem with the headset, let the
employees know so they can try replacing the headset or otherwise
troubleshoot the problem. Unfortunately, you won’t really be able to
test the system until the actual movie starts. The previews are not in

3. If for some reason you are unsuccessful at watching the movie in
DVS due to technical difficulties, don’t be shy about asking for a
refund. This happened to me, and the management was very nice about
giving us passes to see another movie free, even though we stayed and
watched the movie without the DVS.

4. There is just one theater at the MegaPlex 20 at The District set up
for DVS. When you buy the tickets, make sure they sell them for the
correct theater (this is important when seeing a first run movie that is
playing simultaneously in multiple theaters).

5. Management has recommended you arrive 30 minutes early to be sure to get a seat in the correct area, get a headset, ensure the batteries work, etc. Some static is normal, but if there is room in the theater, you may want to just try moving seats to find a clearer signal.

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    I went to the Megaplex 20 at the District last night to see Harry Potter with Descriptive Video. It was absolutely awesome and worked great! I highly recommend the experience to anyone.

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