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Feature Writer Alena Roberts – TV Speak by Codefactory Comes to the
US Market

It used to be that if you wanted to find out what was on TV, you had
to read it in a weekly magazine. Then cable companies came out with
the “What’s on TV” station. And finally digital cable and satellite TV
brought us a menu system that allowed you to browse what was on
without having to wait for your station to show up again in the
streaming list. None of these options, though, are accessible to the
blind. Having digital TV comes with so many features, but up until now
most of them were unusable by people who can’t see. Codefactory, who
is known for making cell phones accessible, has come out with a new
product called TV Speak. This application, which runs on a computer,
will finally allow blind users to know what they’re watching and so
much more.

Here are some of the major features of TV Speak.

- Access to the electronic programming guide

- Record television programs with image and audio or audio only

- Configuring of both TV Speak and the television settings

- Common TV operations such as channel up and down and volume control

- Parental Control configuration

In order to use the application, the user must have a Windows-based
computer, a TV tuner card, and a digital TV antenna. All operations of
TV Speak are done using the computer keyboard, and if users want, they
can use a Bluetooth keyboard so they’re able to operate everything
wirelessly. TV Speak can be purchased from Handytech of North America
for $245. To learn more and purchase TV Speak, visit this link.

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