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Research on Sun Protection and How It Affects People with Albinism Video

NOAH Webinar on Sun Protection. A continuation of our webinar recordings. In this session Dr. Aisha Sethi MD from the University of Chicago shares her research on Sun Protection and how it affects people with Albinism. Dr. Sethi is an Assistant Professor of Dermatology. Pritzker School of Medicine. University of Chicago.

You don’t have to have albinism to benefit from this webinar.

Webinar is 36 minutes.

NOAH (National Organization for Albinism & Hypopigmentation) offers information and support to people with albinism, their families and the professionals who work with them. NOAH is operated by its members on a volunteer basis and is funded primarily by dues and contributions of its members. NOAH has also received grants from foundations and organizations for specific projects.

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