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The iPad 2 Challenge Article iPad 2 Contest winner announcement implemented an incentive program July 1, 2011 to encourage community members to sign up, make comments, rank content, and become a contributor by submitting articles, videos and audio. At the end of each month, a drawing was held for those that participated in this contest. Prizes such as iTunes gift cards, an Apple TV and an iPad 2 were awarded during the incentive time.

Our primary goal is to create a positive environment where community members are willing to ask thoughtful questions and share knowledge related to blindness and visual impairment that will improve lives, encourage independence and increase self confidence.

Thank you to each of you that have contributed to We have had an extremely successful four months and look forward to the continued success in the upcoming months and years. Whether you have submitted content, made comments, asked questions, or even just used the website to obtain information, we thank you. In such a short amount of time we have over 490 posts with over 140 comments from over 280 members. This has resulted in over 1,000 points for the drawing of the iPad2. So, it is time for the long awaited announcement of the winner of the iPad 2. Congratulations to Adam Palmer, you are the winner.

To all, best of wishes.

Warmest regards,
The BlindHow Team

P.S. Please remember to let us know of any way we can improve your experience on We take your feedback seriously and have already made several improvements as a result of the feedback we have received. As always, we look forward to your continued support and website participation.

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    Yippee! I'm gonna win:) hee,hee

  2. 2

    This is a great way to get people interested in something they have not been interested in the past. I have enjoyed reading the articles a lot.

  3. 3

    Awesome! Thanks!

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