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Do you know any blind skydivers? Question

Blind Canadians who want to skydive are not able to be certified. My blind friend believes that there are American blind skydivers who have been certified. This individual would like to get in contact with other blind skydivers to find out how they did it. If you know how my friend can contact other blind skydivers, your assistance would be much appreciated.

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    I am a parent of 2 blind kiddos and don't know blind skydivers personally. However, I have read that it can be done successfully. I have included a video and article on The article is Erik Weihenmayer who describes his success and how he accomplished solo skydiving. The video is of 2 blind skydivers who broke a freefall skydiving record in 2003. Hope this gives you a start and goodluck. Keep striving!

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