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What are the website's features? Question

A. Features:
i. Video, audio, and written tutorials/content
ii. Favorites: If you log into the site you can mark items as favorites which will then be saved for the next time you visit the site.
iii. Rating system: how good was this tutorial
Both the content user and the content provider will benefit from your feedback with a rating meter next to each content you can give the content a score of 1 to 5 to help others select the best content that is provided..
B. Website users are encouraged to contribute content
Interested in being a contributor? If you are interested in submitting your own tutorials on this website please visit our “Be a contributor” link. (Also found at the bottom of every page)
Whether you are looking for product reviews, training on specific technology, or wanting to help others by sharing how you do something as a blind or visually impaired person we hope you will
Please join us and submit your how to tutorial whether it be a video, audio, or article we are looking to increase the amount of useful information about doing things as a blind person.

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    Verry nice!

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