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How do I upload a YouTube video to blindhow Article

A. How to Upload a Youtube Video to BlindHow

1. Log in to your Blindhow user account.
2. Pull up the Youtube website and find the video you would like to upload to Blindhow.
3. Open the video you want and the link called “share”. Select link.
4. Then find the link called “embed”. Select link.
5. The embed code will appear and will already be highlighted. Hit ctrl-c to copy the code.
6. On the BlindHow website, find and select the link called “submit content”.
7. Under “type of article” there is a pull down menu, select “video”
8. Give the video a title
9. In the “video” field, hit ctrl-v to paste the embed code for the video in the box provided.
10. Optional: write a 1 sentence explanation of the video in the field called “excerpt”.
11. Required: write a description of the video in the field called “body”.
12. Under category, there is another pull down menu. Select the appropriate category.
13. In the field called “keywords”, you may add any descriptive search words that apply to your video, each one separated by a comma.
14. Find and select the “submit content” button.

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