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Blind Woman Skis at Snowbird Video


At first glance, Brook Sexton blends in with the rest of the skiers at Snowbird, but a closer look at her orange vest shows what most would consider a limitation on the slopes.

Sexton was born blind, but that didn’t stop her from trying skiing at the age of 10. With the assistance of her guide Steve Paige, Sexton is able to ski black diamond courses. She wears an ear piece attached to a radio with Paige following behind her about 50 feet giving directions over that radio.

Brook is an Orientation and Mobility Instructor at the Utah Division of Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

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    Brook you go girl. I am a legally blind, and have skied races with my ski guide. It is so liberating and fun to fly down the mountian. Keep it up.

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