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Preschooler with cane descending escalator Video

Found this on youtube. Favorite line in the video, “Say bye bye to the moving steps.” Young blind children can be independent and safe on escalators using their cane and non visual techniques.

Excerpt taken from youtube:
“Five year-old girl who is blind confidently, gracefully descending an escalator with her white cane. Riding the “moving steps” is one of her favorite ways to move through space. The purpose of posting this video is to begin to change what it means to be blind. I want people to see her and not think “Ahhh….poor little blind girl.” I want people to see her and say, “Wow! What a confident, independent little girl!” I want the world to see past her lack of sight and see the strong-willed, assertive person that she is becoming each day. I want parents of blind children to stop leading them everywhere, denying them canes, and equip them to move freely through space owning their own mobility…..just as they let their sighted children do every day."

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