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How much do you pay a personal driver? Question

My daughter will be turning 16 soon and facing the challenges that come with transportation. When public transportation isn’t available, what do you do? How much do you pay a personal driver? When you have friends or neighbors drive for you, do you offer to pay them?

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    My daughter is 19 yrs. old and now in college. She hires one of her "readers" at school for transportation and pays them $10 per hour. I would suggest paying those who take you places so you can be assured of getting your shopping needs met. If you are just a "free" rider, then the driver might meet their own needs ahead of yours. My daughter has also found it is handy to make a shopping list for each store ahead of time. The "reader" can also assist you with shopping. With list in hand, it should save time and money!

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    Hi, I would either pay the person or help them in some other way. My husband and I were able to pay a friend to run errands. When the circumstances later changed, she said she would like to continue helping us with errands. Although we do not pay her and hourly wage, we have found other ways to say thank you. We have taken their family to dinner, bought a movie we know they like, and we took them to a play. I think the important thing is to find a way to say thank you whatever your circumstances.
    In regards to your specific situation, my husband and I have talked about when we have a 16 year old kid to work something out with them in exchange. For example, we would pay for the car and gas and the child would help with transportation. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a child’s learning responsibility. However, turning 16 should not mean they are a 24 7 shofar. I think an open honest discussion where everyone’s needs are taken into consideration would be best. Sorry for the long post but my husband and I have discussed this issue.

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    Thought Ifound a perfect driverand agreed on mileage and 10 dollars a trip only to find out her s.o. wanted 5o dollars a day to cover wear and tear and also his mileage wh3en using another vhicle because that van because operating a second vhicle was more expensive. I only used this person once

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    Thought Ifound a perfect driver and agreed on mileage and 10 dollars a trip only to find out her s.o. wanted 5o dollars a day. he felt i needed to cover wear and tear on both vehicles and since he drove a van it needed more gas than my friend's car I only used this person once. I have had succes using para transit one way and then having family or friends for either pickup or drop off.

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    I think as responsible blind citizens we should always offer something in exchange for getting a driver. It totally depends on the individuals involved and/or the situation.
    My Aunt always paid a driver as long as I can remember. I end up taking the bus or taxi most of the time but if I have access to a driver I pay them whatever we agree upon. Another friend and colleague, Karl Smith, owns his own vehicle and pays a driver to drive it for him! I think that's what I'll end up doing in the future!

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