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How to use pandora with JAWS Question

How do I make pandora as accessible as possible using a screen reader such as JAWS or window eyes?

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    Pandora is not easily accessible wih a screen reader, and they have not responded to any requests to make it more accessible. Thankfully, someone has created an interface that you can use to access Pandora, and it is reported to work well with JAWS. The program is called Hope, and you can purchase it for $10.00 at

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    You can also find a commandline client that works reasonably well with Jaws at

    Pandora changes their keys every so often, so you have to redownload the client when it stops working. It happens once every few months or so. Good luck.

    Pandora is also switching from a Flash interface to an HTML5 interface, so hopefully it will become more accessible after the switch happens.

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