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Tips on How To Navigate a Cafeteria Video

Video produced by the Washington School for the Blind to give helpful techniques for navigating and dining successfully in any cafeteria setting. Navigating a busy cafeteria can sometimes be an overwhelming or daunting experience for blind individuals. Every cafeteria has a different set up and varying stations for food.

Video tips include how to hold a tray while using your cane, important listening cues, and what kind of questions you can ask to gather information or give direction.

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    It can also be helpful to carry a cafeteria tray filled with unbreakable items around your house using a cane to practice keeping it level. I found cafeteria trays at a flea market, and carried them around my yard piled with empty plastic containers. I then graduated to carrying the tray around filled with plastic cups of water. I watered the grass a few times, but didn't have to fear spilling a full glass of coke in a cafeteria.

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