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  1. Stepping out into darkness and the UnknownArticle

  2. Tuning In On Blindness Jane Lansaw Article

    At orientation and adjustment centers across the country, blind people with partial vision wear blindfolds… Why? Isn't it better to learn to use what little vision we have to its fullest?

  3. Bridgit Pollpeter' Live Well Nebraska BlogLink

    Read this Omaha World Herald on its Live Well website. It discusses diabetes, blindness and parenting

  4. Looking for a potterQuestion

  5. The Olympus DM-520: A Detailed ReviewArticle

    It might be last year's model, but if your on a budget, you can find it on ebay and from hundreds of vendors online.

  6. Training your dog to retrieveArticle

    Whether it is a pet or guide, having a dog that hands you that Frisbie makes retrieving a better game for the two of you

  7. www.wonderhowto.comLink Many do it yourself videos with many categories!

  8. Become Your Own O&M InstructorArticle

    You don't always need a professional mobility instructor to conquer a new route. Your key to becoming more independent is to simply think out of the box. Read my long article to learn how.

  9. Patrick Henry Hughes: Musician, Student, Performer, Public SpeakerVideo

    Patrick Hughes' has excelled as a musician, student, performer, and public speaker despite the challenges he has faced due to his blindness and physical disability.

  10. Blind archaeologist uncovers ancient childbirth inscriptionArticle

    awesome articleabout what blind people can do!

  11. A jaws users guide to a free audio editing program called AudacityArticle

  12. Blindness: Handicap or CharacteristicAudio

    An address delivered by Kenneth Jernigan at the NFB National Convention, 1963

  13. Making the transition from Windows Xp to Windows 7Article

  14. Walking out into darkness and uncertaintyArticle

    My first days at university, i didn't want to explore around campus on my own. I was scared because it was so big! Tips on helping you go out and do it!

  15. Traveling with a guide dog, the trials of getting thereArticle

    Getting a dog is no easy task, especially with people trying unintentually to hold you back...

  16. Training Uri, the education of a guide dogVideo

    Blind adventurer Erik Weihenmayer trains his new guide dog, Uri.

  17. Dancing Dots Link

    Dancing Dots Braille Music Technology, L.P., was founded in 1992 to develop and adapt music technology for the blind.

  18. Project STRIVE 2013/2014Article

    Check out what we are doing this year in Project STRIVE