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Community Questions

  1. Mentors for Students with Visual ImpairmentsArticle

    Mentors for students with vision impairments

  2. How does a Blind Person Successfully Man a Table?Question

    How can a blind person man and staff a table? Feel free to answer anytime.

  3. Advice and Suggestions for NFB ChaptersQuestion

    Seeking advice for community outreach for NFB chapter.

  4. Dealing with PicturesQuestion

  5. Websites in BrailleQuestion

    What is the correct way to braille a website?

  6. How do you turn the speech off in JAWS.Question

  7. Daily living skillsQuestion

  8. What is the best way to separate color-coded wires?Question

  9. accessible racing games??Question

  10. WYPR radio interview with Maurice PeretAudio

    Maurice Peret, NOMCT, commutes to and from work every day via the MTA Maryland Transit Administration

  11. How do you drill holes?Question

    How do you ensure you are going to drill in the right place?

  12. Will the Siri on the iPhone also work on the iPad 2?Question

  13. What are the Best blind friendly cellphones to use?Question

    I am looking for some suggestions on buying a blind friendly cellphone.

  14. How to use the new Yahoo mailQuestion

    I am having trouble using the new yahoo mail with JAWS.

  15. blind medical transcriptionist.Question

  16. Using iTunes on the PCQuestion

    Jaws and iTunes. How do I purchase songs, create playlists and download apps for the iPhone?

  17. I'm visually impaired. How do you answer the question, "Why do you use that stick (cane).. you're not blind?"Question

  18. What type of technology do you use on a daily basis? Why?Question

  19. What accessible e-reader do you like the best and why?Question

  20. Accessible tuner Question

    I am looking for an accessible tuner

  21. How do I get started with Pod Casts? Question

    I need basic information and specific suggestions.

  22. Future of assistive technologyArticle

  23. How much do you pay a personal driver?Question