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  1. Dr. Brian Dulude discusses services provided by the Vocational Rehabilitation ProgramVideo

  2. Donna Neri Wells presents on the business enterprise program in UtahVideo

  3. EmploymentArticle

    I work as an inspirational speaker and as a Disability Awareness Consultant

  4. sign twirler for Great Clips and Fusion Signs and DesignsArticle

  5. I am a computer consultantAudio

    This is how I work as a blind computer consultant

  6. I am an Information Technology SpecialistArticle

    What I do to do my job!

  7. Writing Your Way to an InterviewArticle

    Even under better economic circumstances, landing a job interview can be an exercise in patience and fortitude. Let’s examine the résumé, arguably the most critical application component, and some ways you might consider building it up to land yourself an interview.

  8. Employment Initiatives at The Hadley School for the BlindArticle

    Although statistics vary somewhat, the most reliable data sources suggest that the under- or unemployment rate of persons who are blind or visually impaired is 70%-80%. To that end, the school has implemented several initiatives aimed at enabling its students to find and excel in employment, which is a crucial component of independent living.

  9. Dr. Bill Takeshita, Blind Pediatric OptometristVideo

    Dr. Bill Takeshita lost his eyesight due to a retinal degenerative disorder. And then he returned to practice: a blind eye doctor.

  10. Future Reflections: NFB of Utah Project STRIVEArticle

    Article written by Cheralyn Creer about the NFB of Utah, Project STRIVE. Meeting the unique needs of blind and visually impaired youth throughout Utah.

  11. UtahFutures.Org: Career Information SystemLink is Utah's career information system for students, job seekers, employment service providers, educational institutions and more…

  12. A Practicing Blind PhysicianAudio

    Audio of Dr. Tim Cordes speech given July 8, 2009 at the National Federation of the Blind Convention

  13. Chieko Asakawa: 2011 Anita Borg Institute Women of Vision Award for LeadershipVideo

    Chieko Asakawa is an IBM Fellow and Chief Technology Officer of Accessibility Research and Technology at IBM Research.

  14. NFB's Reach For Your Dreams: Louis PosinAudio

    Louis Posin tells how he was able to achieve success despite the obstacles he encountered in this seminar sponsored by the National Federation of the Blind.

  15. NFB's Reach For Your Dreams: Michael MayAudio

    Mike May tells how he was able to achieve success despite the obstacles he encountered in this seminar sponsored by the National Federation of the Blind.

  16. NFB's Reach For Your Dreams: Ever Lee HairstonAudio

    Ever Lee Hairston tells how she was able to achieve success despite the obstacles she encountered throughout her life.

  17. A Blind Individual gives Tips on Making Money OnlineLink

    Helpful resource from a blind person's perspective offering tips on making some extra cash through filling out online surveys.

  18. Caroline Casey: Looking Past LimitsVideo

    From the day she was born, Caroline Casey parents chose not tell her about her blindness. Listen to Caroline's journey of truth and self belief.

  19. Larry Woody, Blind Car MechanicLink

    Larry Woody lost his vision five years ago in an auto accident. That hasn't stopped him from continuing his first love - being a mechanic

  20. Kristen Cox, Executive Director for the Utah Department of Workforce ServicesVideo

    Kristen Cox, Executive Director for the Utah Department of Workforce Services says her blindness is one characteristic among many

  21. Tim Cordes one of few blind doctors in U.S. Written by: Todd FinkelmeyerArticle

    Article published in The Capital Times on June 2, 2010. "Dr. Tim Cordes, one of only 143 students who earned a slot at UW-Madison Medical School out of 2,300 who applied. Published reports in 1998 indicated Cordes was only the second blind person ever admitted to a U.S. medical school. The first was David Hartman, a 1976 Temple grad and psychiatrist in Virginia whom Cordes considers a role model."

  22. Eugene's Blind Mechanic Teacher: Hometown Heros Written by: Davin CoburnLink

    Popular Mechanics article featuring Larry Woody, a blind mechanic teacher living in Eugene Oregon.

  23. Blind Chef, Lisa Martinez gains National claimVideo

    Despite her blindness, Moline native Laura Martinez has graduated from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Chicago and landed a job as a chef at the prestigious Charlie Trotter's restaurant in Chicago.

  24. Blind Licensed Social Worker's BlogLink

    Cruisin with Cricket- The Journeys of Becky Andrew and her guide dog, Cricket. Blind Licensed Social Worker, Owner of Resilient Solutions.