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  1. Instructions on how to turn off protective view for Outlook attachments for Microsoft WordArticle

    Instructions on how to turn off the protective view in Word so that Outlook attachments will open without a special keystroke.

  2. How to play the church hymn "I Need Thee Every Hour" on the pianoArticle

  3. Student Speaks to Class to Educate about BlindnessAudio

    Here, I share the facts about being a blind person and detail the common misperceptions and stereotypes about blindness. this is a presentation given in a class, May 10, 2013. Please consider giving presentations like this one at schools and communities when possible to educate people about blindness, just like I did today.

  4. Dancing Eyes: A Short Documentary About Children & Teens Living with AlbinismVideo

    'Dancing Eyes' is a nationally recognized short documentary made by two high school cousins who want to educate the world about albinism.

  5. Blind Student Takes Small Engines class in High SchoolArticle

    Who would think that a blind student could take an elective class in high school that is considered too visual, or perhaps, even dangerous? Read on to find out how a blind student can compete with his / her same counterparts in the same classroom arena when dealing with these highly visual and shop-style classes!

  6. How Braille Turned Me Into a Purse JunkieArticle

    This is an article I wrote for the NFB of Oklahoma Newsletter. It is a personal account of my experience with Braille and demonstrates the need for appropriate Braille instruction for the blind and particularly for all blind children.

  7. Locating and changing the memory in a computerArticle

    I fix computers and am totally blind. Several visual computer users have asked me just where does one look for the memory and how to change it.

  8. HTG Explains: Why Deleted Files Can Be Recovered and How You Can Prevent ItArticle

  9. 13 Ways to Increase IOS Battery LifeArticle

    Looking for ways that your IOS Device be available for longer periods of use, here are 13 awsome successful tips. use

  10. Win a New Perkins SMART Brailler from!Link is sponsoring an exciting giveaway for a brand new Perkins SMART Brailler. This brailler has been making the conference rounds lately so you may have seen the SMART Brailler on display. It really is amazing!

  11. Project Strive 2011-2012Video

    The NFB of Utah has great success with Project Strive.

  12. the Longg White Cane as a Low Vision DeviceAudio

    as a Structured Discovery Cane Travel Instructor working for a traditional rehabilitation agency, Peret presented the long white cane as a viable low vision option


    MOST AFFORDABLE E-BOOK READER FOR THE BLIND HIT'S THE MARKET Blind Readers Can Access eText for Less than the Cost of an Evening Out

  14. Blind Student Succeeds in Physics class with the help of the ProfessorArticle

    Very good article on how blind students can do Physics!

  15. AIRS-LA:National Geographic Kids Magazine PodcastLink

    Open the natural world to your children with Danielle Rayne's readings from National Geographic Kids magazine.

  16. Tunnel Vision by Derrick BoudwinLink

    Link to Tunnel Vision article written by Derrick Boudwin

  17. Charles Bonnet Syndrome by Derrick Boudwin Article

    What Charles Bonnet Syndrome is and my experience with it written by Derrick Boudwin.

  18. Slate Pals: Braille Pen Pal ProgramLink

    Slate Pals is a program for children in grades K-12 that matches students who want Braille pen pals.

  19. Braille Readers Are Leaders ProgramLink

    The Braille Readers Are Leaders is a national contest for students who read Braille, kindergarten through twelfth grades, and all adult Braille readers.

  20. Let Freedom Ring: Braille Letters to President Barack Obama Link

    Today, only 10% of blind children are learning to read Braille in school, a shocking statistic that reveals glaring problems in the education of blind children in the U.S.

  21. How To Participate in Industrial Arts (Woodworking, Carpentry, Wood Shop)Video

    How to independently participating in industrial arts, woodworking, carpentry, and wood shop.

  22. How To Make a Braille BookVideo

    The Iowa Department for the Blind creates Braille books for its Library patrons. Library employee Sarah Cranston demonstrates how she makes a Braille book.

  23. Independence Science WebsiteLink

    Independence Science empowers students of all ages who are blind and visually impaired to gain a hands-on, multi-sensory experience in classrooms & laboratories.

  24. Libboo.Com WebsiteLink

    Libboo is an online social writing community and platform where people can network and collaborate to create written content online and in real time.

  25. 2010 Braille ChallengeVideo

    Highlights from the 2010 Braille Challenge in Los Angeles.

  26. Invisible Sky NASA Unveils Cosmic Images Book in BrailleVideo

    Noreen Grice is a coauthor of Touch the Invisible Sky, a book from NASA that is available in schools for the blind, libraries and museums.

  27. Utah School for the Deaf & Blind WebsiteLink

    Utah Schools for the Blind (USB) strives to provide high quality educational programs to students with vision loss throughout Utah.

  28. Pioneer: Utah's Online Library WebsiteLink

    Pioneer is a virtual library created by the Utah State Library Division in cooperation with Utah's public libraries.

  29. Utah Mentor: Utah's Premier Guide for College, Career, and Financial PlanningLink

    On Utah Mentor, you have access to a variety of college, career, and financial planning tools

  30. Utah's Transition Action Guide: Students With Disabilities & Team MembersLink

    Guide to help with the process of planning by teams for the transition from school to adult life for students with disabilities.

  31. Procedural Safeguards for Students with Disabilities & Their ParentsLink

  32. Wrightslaw WebsiteLink

    Wrightslaw is an amazing resource for accurate, reliable information about special education law, education law, and advocacy for children with disabilities.

  33. Building the Legacy: IDEA 2004 WebsiteLink

    Building the Legacy: IDEA 2004 website supported by the U.S. Department of Education

  34. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Web LinkLink

    Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) web link

  35. Utah State Board of Education Rules Direct LinkLink

    Utah State Board of Education Rules direct link

  36. Hadley School for the BlindLink

    The Hadley School for the Blind promotes independent living through lifelong, distance education programs.

  37. How to sign up and navigate the gmail email as a jaws user.Article

    A guide to gmail for jaws users: signing up and navigating the browser

  38. Free audio books in the public domainArticle

    Here is a description where to obtain audio books in the public domain. A description on how to navigate the page where they can be obtained.

  39. How to use hotmail as a blind user effectivelyQuestion

    I want to help my blind friends use hotmail to read email, get attachments, and send it without them hating the email client. Does any one have ideas how this can be done?

  40. 2010 People's Design Award: Braille Alphabet BraceletVideo

    Acceptance speech by Leslie Ligon (At First Sight), after being awarded the 2010 People's Design Award for her Braille Alphabet Bracelet.

  41. Music by EarLink

  42. Student Has No Trouble Visualizing A Doctorate in ChemistryLink

    Article written by Ed Fletcher in the Sacramento Bee about Henry "Hoby" Wedler, a blind doctorate student studying organic chemistry at UC Davis.

  43. Helpful Hints About Teaching Braille Reading by Dr. Sally Mangold Article

    Future Reflections article filled with helpful tips on teaching Braille reading skills to students by expert, Dr. Sally Mangold.

  44. Braille Tracking Using Mangold LessonVideo

    Braille Tracking Using Mangold Lesson

  45. Review of Braille Tack-TilesVideo

    "Tack-Tiles® Braille Systems are a sophisticated teaching tool for all ages based on LEGO®-type blocks

  46. Art History Through Touch and SoundVideo

    Demonstration of the ways to use tactile diagrams contained in Art History Through Touch and Sound volumes

  47. John Bramblitt, Blind Artist DocumentaryVideo

    Documentary on blind artist, John Bramblitt

  48. John Bramblitt, A Blind ArtistVideo

    Part of CBS continuing series "American Spirit," Don Teague profiles John Bramblitt, a blind artist who uses his imagination to transform canvases.

  49. Insights Art Exhibition of works by artists who are blind or visually impairedVideo

    Images from LightHouse for the Blind's Insights Art Exhibition at the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery.

  50. Visually-Impaired Students Touch the Stars in Special Hubble ImageVideo

  51. Effective IEP Advocacy for Children and Students with AlbinismVideo

    NOAH's webinar series: "Effective IEP Advocacy for Children and Students with Albinism". Presenter: Kimberly Avila

  52. Jake Olson's Inspirational Story of Surviving CancerVideo

    Jake Olson's Inspirational Story of Surviving Cancer

  53. Demonstration on Push Button PadlockVideo

    Demonstration on the push button padlock, an accessible padlock for school or recreation.

  54. Back-to-School Supplies SuggestionsAudio

    Dr. Bill Takeshita from AIRS-LA gives suggestions for school supplies that may help blind or visually impaired students.

  55. Student Help: Communicate With Your TeachersAudio

    Dr. Bill Takeshita from AIRS-LA explains why it's important to set up a meeting with your school teacher.

  56. Albinism Saga (Part 3/3)Video

    Information about albinism from Matt and Ashley. Both have albinism.

  57. Albinism Saga (Part 2/3)Video

    Information about albinism from Matt and Ashley. Both have albinism.

  58. Albinism Saga (Part 1/3)Video

    Information about albinism from Matt and Ashley. Both have albinism.

  59. They Trusted MeArticle

    Two sighted people trust me to show them around Utah State University

  60. Quiet electric cars 'pose no danger' to visually impairedArticle

    I definitely do not agree with this article but thought readers might find it interesting!

  61. NASA develops free tactile book about the moon for the blindArticle

  62. Ford proves blind can drive a stickArticle

  63. Braille Story Time during the 2010 Utah BELL (Braille Enrichment Literacy & Learning) ProgramVideo

    Ron Gardner is the special guest during 2010 Utah BELL (Braille Enrichment Literacy & Learning) story time.

  64. Sight Unseen by Mashawna ThompsonArticle

    Article in Future Reflections written by Mashawna Thompson, a past board member of NOAH (National Organization for Albinism & Hypopigmentation).

  65. Braille User Numbers Decline- CBS News Video

    Michelle Miller of CBS News reports on the decline of Braille users. The National Federation of the Blind says only 10 percent of visually impaired students are learning Braille.

  66. 8 Year Old Kendra Holloway Wins National Braille CompetitionVideo

    Interview with 8-year-old, Kendra Holloway who won first place in the 2011 Braille Challenge.

  67. Web Site all about STEM techniques for the blindLink

    This web site contains articles on how to teach, learn and adapt science, technology, math, and engineering for blind students.

  68. Knowing is Not Enough by Laura WeberAudio

    On July 7, 2010, Laura Weber spoke at the NFB National Convention in Dallas on a panel called "The Failure of the Education System in Meeting the Needs of the Blind."

  69. Where Do I Find Braille, Large Print, or Digital Books? Free is Good.Question

  70. Adaptive P.E. Games for Blind and Visually Impaired StudentsVideo

    Adaptive P.E. games for blind and visually impaired students by Elina Mullen, Ed.D., from the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired of Austin, Texas.

  71. Faking It No LongerArticle

    Faking it No Longer by Cheralyn Braithwaite Creer. Republished in Future Reflections, Special Issue: Low Vision and Blindness 2005

  72. Day in the Life of A Freshman College StudentVideo

    John B. describes life as freshman at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois

  73. Pop-Up IEP for Parents and AdvocatesLink

    The “Pop-up IEPs” (interactive fact sheets) is a helpful to counter stumbling blocks when discussing Individualized Education Programs with public school officials.

  74. The Braille Rap SongAudio

    The Braille Rap song was written to teach Braille in a fun, creative way!

  75. Introduction to BrailleVideo

    A 7 minute video that visually introduces the braille alphabet, numbers and punctuation marks which are found in Grade 1 Braille (uncontracted Braille).

  76. Print, Braille, or Both: Exploring the Many Options for Literacy in Children with AlbinismArticle

    Parent opinion on how her children have been successful at using both print and braille.

  77. Braille User Numbers DeclineVideo

    The National Federation of the Blind says only 10 percent of visually impaired students are learning Braille. Michelle Miller of CBS reports.

  78. Should My Child Learn Print, Braille or Both?Question

    Marla Palmer, parent of 2 children with albinism shares her views of should a child learn print, braille, or both?

  79. Why Are You Trying To Make That Child Blind? by Carol CastellanoAudio

    Audio of Carol Castellano's speech given July 8, 2009 at the National Federation of the Blind Convention.

  80. A Mom Talks with the Director of Special EducationVideo

    A satirical and slightly sarcastic look at a typical conversation between the parent of a child with special needs and an official from the school district who isn't quite getting it. Created by the Special Education Attorneys at Frankel & Kershenbaum.

  81. Seeing The Possibilities: Blind Chemistry Students Get A Taste of Independence in the Lab Written by: Linda WangArticle

    Chemical & Engineering News article written July 23, 2007 featuring Dr. Cary Supalo, a blind scientist and educator.

  82. Blind Preschooler Uses CaneVideo

    Toddlers can and should be introduced to canes even before they start walking.

  83. Braille: Unlocking the CodeVideo

    In this exciting new video, the history and power of Braille is explored with commentary from successful Braille readers.

  84. What Braille Means To MeanVideo

    The importance of Braille literacy to blind people cannot be overstated. In this video, various people share what Braille means to them.

  85. Beat Rockers, Beatboxing with the BlindVideo

  86. Is Your Child Age Appropriate? by Dr. Ruby RylesArticle

    Powerful speech given by Dr. Ruby Ryles, a mother of a blind son and also a distinguished expert in the education of blind children. A must read for all parents.