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  1. Audio Described TV ProgramsArticle

    DVS TV Shows

  2. Aprone's software and Games Article

    A sighted guy who makes games for the blind? Incredible!

  3. 91 Places For Free Audio Books OnlineLink

    Are you looking for places to download audio books? Here's a whole catalogue!

  4. Strive SongAudio

  5. 7128 Software & GamesLink

  6. Kitchen's Inc. Website: Don't Let the Name Fool YouLink

    Kitchen Inc. is Jim Kitchen's free blind accessible speech friendly pc dos and windows games

  7. WebsiteLink is a community portal for audio games: games based on sound.

  8. PCS GamesLink

    PCS Games offers a growing volume and descriptions of links to over 300 FREE and Commercial blind-accessible games and game sites.

  9. Jaws Guide for using windows media player 11Article

    This windows user guide for media player 11 describes navigation. Jaws is the screen reader for the media player guide.

  10. Starbucks new Braille CardLink

    Starbucks comes out with a Braille Gift Card

  11. Black Eyed Peas Singer Talks About His Visual Impairment Video speaks of Black Eyed Peas speaks exclusively with Rhyme & Reason about the struggles of being legally blind.

  12. you might have albinism if...Video

    Ashley and Matt talk about albinism in a funny way.

  13. Download Youtube video as MP3Link

    Download your favorite YouTube videos as mp3 files without registration.

  14. First known Blind Movie Critic to appear on Jimmy Kimmel LiveArticle

    First published by the Associated Press

  15. Podcast: Accessible games for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch from SerotekAudio

    This is a podcast from Serotek, the makers of System Access, that talks about accessible games for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

  16. Where to find out which DVD's offer a Descriptive Video Track. You may be even able to purchase these from itunes! Link

  17. How to find out which movie theater is showing descriptive Movies.Link

  18. Harry Potter in Descriptive VideoArticle

    The latest DVS movie starting 7/15 at Megaplex 20 at the District in South Jordan, Utah