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  1. Hand sewing and Learning New StitchesQuestion

    I'm looking to learn new stitches for handsewing...

  2. Deep Sea Fishing Adventure Article

  3. Accessible Indoor Rowing DemoAudio

    How to get accessible workout data from a Concept2 indoor rowing machine using ErgChatter.

  4. Identifying LuggageArticle

  5. The Other Blind Guy on Mt. EverestAudio

    In a humorous presentation of the range of public attitudes about blindness, Maurice Peret, The Other Blind Guy on Mt. Everest, discusses this historic event and what it meant for blind people in our society

  6. Humorous introduction from "The Other Blind Guy on Mt. Everest." Audio

    A presentation on Baltimore's WYPR Public Radio hosts "the stoop story telling series" where Maurice Peret, the other blind guy on Mt. Everest, humorously deals with public attitudes about blindness and ties it to this historic game changing event in what it really means to be blind.

  7. UCF blind wrestler pins down adversityArticle

    UCF blind wrestler pins down adversity. UCF wrestler Kyle Coon lost his eyes to retinoblastoma cancer at the age of 5

  8. Blind Motocross driver tries to set a record!Article

    Really cool article about what blind people can do with a little ingenuity!

  9. Cooper the Blind Bird Hunting DogVideo

    This video is a tale of how this owner and his blind dog have developed the kind of teamwork that more than makes up for Cooper's blindness.

  10. How Do Blind People Hunt?Article

    This article will explore traditional and high-tech methods that the blind can use to hunt wild game. As an avid blind hunter, Steve Johnson, NFB-Wisconsin, will describe successful methods used in harvesting wild game.

  11. Blind Sailing Website & Log JournalsLink

    On November 10, 2005, Pamela Habek and Scott Duncan became the first legally blind people to cross the Pacific Ocean.

  12. No Barriers: Blind Sailing Using Talking GPS NavigationVideo

    No Barriers shows how Scott Duncan uses GPS technology to sail independently.

  13. SOVI: Sailing Opportunities for the Visually ImpairedVideo

    SOVI offers opportunities for visually impaired sailors to get on the water, assisted by sighted crew

  14. Kristen Cox: Paragliding & Skydiving, The Art of Free-Falling.Link

    Kristen Cox blogs about her successful experiences paragliding and skydiving independently. Kristen happens to be blind.

  15. Amy McDonaugh, 2011 Flying Pig Marathon ChampionVideo

    Amy McDonaugh wins the 2011 Flying Pig Marathon with a time of 2:58:10. Amy's "post interview": shares that she is legally blind and recently had surgery.

  16. XTERRA Hero, Bobby McMullenVideo

    Video clip about Bobby McMullen, legally blind triathlete.

  17. Intro: The Way Bobby Sees ItVideo

    The Way Bobby Sees It is a gripping documentary about Bobby McMullen, a competitive mountain biker who happens to be legally blind.

  18. The China Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe - Music Ensemble: Sound Of MusicVideo

    A video of visually impaired adults from the China disabled people's performing art troupe during their production of "My Dream"

  19. STEP IN THE DARK - October 2010 - Ballet Program for Blind Youth.Video

    The Hartfel Foundation's outreach program for blind and visually-impaired children. Students benefit from the highly specialized ballet training.

  20. TapFever: Teens from Braille Institute "Son of a Preacher Man"Video

    Tap Fever Studios has been teaching some visually impaired & blind teens from the Braille Institute how to tap dance.

  21. Argentine Tango for the Blind and Visually Impaired Video

    The Shimmy Club, Inc. provides free classes teaching the social style of the art of Argentine Tango to blind, visually impaired and sighted youth

  22. Surf's Up for the Blind and Visually ImpairedVideo

    In Southern California, it's all about heading for the beach where the Encinitas Lions Club teach the blind and visually impaired how to surf.

  23. Lions Marching Band Features Blind Trumpet PlayerVideo

    David Bouchard earned one of the coveted spots in the Mississippi Lion's All-State Band's trumpet section.

  24. Guided By MusicVideo

    ESPN story behind the Ohio State School for the Blind Marching Panthers

  25. Blind WrestlerVideo

    Video highlighting Jeshua Aveno, a successful wrestler who happens to be blind.

  26. Tips to Help a Blind GolferVideo

    Jeremy Poincenot, IBGA World Blind Golf Champion, and his coach/guide dad explain how they work together to hit a drive

  27. Blind man driving Motor Boat SoloArticle

    Blind Bahamian Attempts driving Motor Boat Completely Solo. He will be alone on the leed boat, guided by radio only.

  28. Blind Man driving Motor Boat SoloArticle

    Blind Bahamian Attempts driving Motor Boat Completely Solo. He will be alone on leed boat, guided by radio only.

  29. Summer Camp helps Visually Impaired Students Gain ConfidenceVideo

    Fox 13 report on UFB's annual Sports Camp for blind and visually impaired Jr. High and High School students.

  30. What options are out there to learn how to read Braille music for the piano?Question

    I am a Braille reader and would like to learn Braille music.

  31. Adapted Human Foosball for Blind & Visually ImpairedVideo

    Video showing Project STRIVE teens playing a game of adapted human foosball.

  32. Summer downhill skiing at Snowbird Utah with Brook SextonVideo

    Brook Sexton is an expert skier who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Brook was born blind but hasn't let that stop her from achieving her dreams.

  33. To Climb Every Mountain: The Blind Climber Planning to Stand on Top of the World by Erik WeihenmayerArticle

    To Climb Every Mountain: The Blind Climber Planning to Stand on Top of the World by Erik Weihenmayer. Reprint from Braille Monitor, December 1999

  34. Blind Skydiving RecordVideo

    "BJ" Fleming of California/Oregon 1900+ jumps, and Dan Rossi of Pennsylvania 300+ jumps, stepped off the tailgate of a Casa at 14,000 feet and into the skydiving history books, becoming the first two blind skydivers to ever be in freefall together."

  35. Do you know any blind skydivers?Question

    I have a blind Canadian friend who wants to get in contact with blind sky divers who have their certificate.

  36. Blind Woman Skis at SnowbirdVideo

    With the assistance of her guide, Brook Sexton skis black diamond courses at Snowbird Resort in Utah.

  37. What Recreational Opportunities Are Available in Utah for Blind or Visually Impaired Individuals?Article

    Utah has many affordable, recreational opportunities for blind or visually impaired individuals of all ages! Check out the article for more information and links.

  38. Blind Little League All Star PitcherVideo

    Blind in left eye, and only peripheral vision in his left, Brady Smith, pitches for an All Star baseball team.

  39. Matt Steven: Seeing is Believing FINALVideo

    Can blind basketball player Matt Steven make two free throws to win the game for his high school, St. Laurence?

  40. Paralympic Swimmer with AlbinismVideo

  41. Blind Triathlete Conquers Ironman CourseVideo

    Dave Bigoney, a blind triathlete conquers his second Ironman course.

  42. Fighting Against The Odds, Blind Swimmer at Notre DameVideo

    A Norte Dame video highlighting Ashley Nashleanas, a student and paralympic athlete and swimmer.

  43. Touching the Top of EverestVideo

    Blind Adventurer, Erik Weihenmayer reaches the summit of Mount Everest, the world's highest peak.

  44. Global Explorers Mexican Volcano ClimbVideo

    A group of blind and sighted students from the US and Mexico climbed the third highest mountain in Mexico led by Erik Weihenmayer.

  45. Blind Bike Trials Short DocumentaryVideo

    Short documentary on Matt Gillman, a blind bike trials rider and lead bike mechanic

  46. Golfing with Vision LossVideo

    Bruce Hooper, a visually impaired golfer, talks about his love for the sport.

  47. Beep Baseball is on ESPN.comVideo

    The video is a great presentation of the sport of beep baseball on

  48. Field of Beeps: Video about Beep BaseballVideo

    Video highlighting the Long Island Bombers, a beep baseball team.

  49. I Have A VisionAudio

    Barbie Elliott a professional singer song writer composed, played and sang this song about blindness when she was 15.

  50. IBSA World Blind Soccer Championship 2010 Video

    Overview of IBSA's world blind soccer championship

  51. What Is Goalball?Video

    Highlights of the goalball during the Beijing Paralympic Games.

  52. OUT OF BOUNDS: O'Neill's Blind Surf AcademyVideo

    Blind and visually impaired children are taught how to surf as part of The Out of Bounds program within The O'Neill Surf Academy.

  53. Zahne Choat, Legally Blind Football Lineman.Video

    Video that shows Zahne Coat, a visually impaired football linebacker who received a scholarship to play for Waldorf College in Iowa.

  54. Blind Skier's EdgeVideo

    This documentary showcases blind skiing and guiding, and an innovative skiing technique for the blind pioneered by Erik Weihenmayer and Jeff Ulrich, his guide.

  55. Erik Weihenmayer, Blind Adventurer. Kayaking Video

    Erik Weihenmayer, the blind adventurer who climbed Everest, practices whitewater kayaking on the Colorado River.

  56. Blind climber Erik Weihenmayer, Eldorado Canyon's The Naked EdgeVideo

    Blind climber Erik Weihenmayer tackles a difficult route - Eldorado Canyon's The Naked Edge

  57. Blind SkateboarderVideo

    14 year-old Tommy Carroll of Northbrook, IL is and accomplished skateboarder, even though he has been totally blind since the age of two.