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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How do I register for the NLS BARD service and enable my Stream to play NLS books?Article

    instructions on how to play NLS books on the Victor Reader Stream.

  2. I am blind in the left eye by 99.09% from glaucoma. Would I qualify for what membership/servicesQuestion

  3. How to create a download link for filesArticle

    If you have a file that you want other people to be able to download from BlindHow, this is how you create a link to your file when you have dropbox installed on your computer.

  4. How to post links to other resourcesArticle

  5. Description of how to use the websiteAudio

  6. The iPad 2 ChallengeArticle

    Drum roll, the winner is

  7. How do I upload a YouTube video to blindhowArticle

  8. What are the website's features?Question